David's deer - the deer family mammal. Large, weighing 150-210 kg, distributed in Eastern Asia, with wide hooves and a long tail, and the back serving as dark streaks. Winter coat dark yellowish brown, gray shade in the summer - bright reddish brown. Males have antlers with a rear-facing branches. Species in the wild has been decimated live only in zoos.
      David's deer has long been extinct in the wild. These deer were grown Chinese emperor in the park near Beijing. The nineteenth century, there went the monk Armand David. Already in 1866, he brought a couple of deer in Europe. In 1869 they were settled in the London Zoo. In 1895, China Yellow River spill and tore down the Emperor of the park fence. Lots of deer drowned, others are scattered around the neighborhood, and was killed. The wild, these animals disappeared in 1900. Beijing Zoo David's deer a female died in 1920. At that time, the animal population been growing very slowly. The Duke of Bedford closed the remaining 18 deer his mansion and has lived there in 1932 182 animals. During World War II, several deer were taken to London Zoo, and from there spread throughout the world. Currently the world's zoos are approximately 500 David deer.
     David's deer mate in June-July. Females at the time, of the herds which have one male. Males during the mating period of fierce fighting, defeated mate with all the females. When the male force unequal, weaker often leaves no more fighting, but met fierce equivalent opponent starts a fight. Males hunger horns, bites, and stood up on his hind legs kicking. Female pregnancy lasts 250-270 days. Usually a baby is born, sometimes two. Juvenile coat is beige or brown. Juveniles are breast-feeding mother's milk for six weeks, and then begin to eat grass.

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